a simple theory

Flickr does a really good job keeping your photographs, actually it does such a good job I believe if your art is good enough it should also be on your flickr. But then we all need a more selective portfolio, now the theory is..

You shouldn't have to upload your images more than once.

so what does it do

but how

It's really simple. There are two ways to make your Shuttermade come to life.

By creating a set on flickr titled 'portfolio' Shuttermade will automatically add any pictures in the set to your Shuttermade page. Organizing the images in flickr's oganizer will also arrange the pictures in your Shuttermade.

Alternatively, you can tag photos on flickr with 'portfolio' to add them to your Shuttermade gallery.


  • No photo uploads
  • Minimal design focuses on your art
  • Mouse-wheel horizontal scrolling
  • Tested across all popular web browsers
  • Email harvesting protection

some people using shuttermade

technical insight

  • Multiple shadow copy databases
  • Remote database stored as a private google doc, with a cached version on location
  • Silent error recovery and correction, on incident
  • High speed page loads (YSlow rated A)